NANDTB Czech – Interpretations

  • [Czech | Russian] 01/2016 – Annual Maintenance
  • [Czech | Russian] 02/2016 – Auditor Qualification
  • [Czech | Russian] 03/2016 – Other Methods
  • [Czech | Russian] 04/2016 – UCL paragraph 145.30 e) – directive (ES) 1321/2014
  • [Czech | Russian] 05/2016 – Demonstration of 6-24 Months Experience
  • [Czech | Russian] 06/2016 – Level 3 Credit Activity


Interpretation of activities

acc. to requirements of EN 4179 and NAS 410 in Czech Republic


– this document was prepared in order to clarify the access Czech NANDTB and its activities in the field of qualification and certification of NDT personnel acc. to requirements of standards EN 4179 and NAS 410.

– this document is determined for auditors (including Nadcap), customers, prime contractors, subcontractors


  • strictly adheres all requirements of actual standards EN 4179:2018 and NAS 410:2014
  • doesn´t retain written and practical examinations, doesn´t directly provide and/or administer qualification examinations
  • Employer´s responsible Level 3 may use by Czech NANDTB approved outside and/or internal organization (see the list of approved organizations) to provide training and /or examination services.
  • supports NDT qualification and/or examination services through the controlling of approved qualification agencies. These agencies are regularly audited/checked whether they acts acc. to all relevant requirements (standards, directions of Czech NANDTB, CAA, …)
  • doesn´t certify NDT personnel. NDT personnel cannot be certified even by Outside Agency. NDT personnel shall be certified by an employer.