Creation/Procedures Approval Process

The Board prepares approval procedures for all elements of qualification process (the Employer system, the Outside Agency/qualification body, Board auditors, exam questions, etc). These procedures are approved by the Board. The Board nominates the auditors of the Board.
The Board Approval Process
The organization, which is interested to be approved organization according to EN4179/NAS410, by the Board asks the Czech NANDTB for the approval with use of the approved request protocols. The Czech NANDTB through the Secretary nominates possible auditors. The audited organization submits/chooses/verifies the auditor and subsequently a contract is concluded between the audited organization and the approved auditor.
The audit is performed with protocol, results, and recommendations of the auditor whether the candidate organization should be or should not be approved (process, organization, element of the qualification process, etc…). The Board makes a final decision regarding the approval (it can be done by e-mail voting).
The Board extension activities
The Board modifies own procedures according to the last status of EN4179/NAS410 requirements and defines the extension/range of controlled NDT methods. The Board prepares the interpretations for the requested tasks.
The Board international activities
The Czech Board is a member of European Forum of NANDTB (ANDTBF) and in a principle is ready to accept and adopt the joint solution of the Forum of the Boards. The nominated representatives of the Czech NANDTB for meetings of ANDTBF are Mr. Tomas Zavadil and Mr. Vaclav Jandura and in the case of their absence Mr. Zdislav Hospodka.