NDT Qualification and Certification System of the Employer

The effectiveness of non-destructive testing process depends on the thorough knowledge and skils of qualified personnel responsible for this pecial process.

These activities shall be carry out closely according with applicable regulations/procedures/standards.
The employer who creates his own certification system is solely responsible for this Qualification and Certification system.

It is always based on specific conditions for the tested components, customer requirements, established / approved NDT methods / techniques, equipment, professional level of employees and their job classification.

Unlike to third-party-certification (eg. ISO9712), the building and maintaining such system is more flexible, cost-effective, shorter and focused to company specific requirements.
NDT Qualification and Certification system of employer reduce the turnover of qualified personnel as well.

While implementing this system, the qualification and certification procedure to be create as first.
This is the crucial standard procedure (Written Practice, WP) that determines the certification requirements for each method and degrees such as:
required education, experience, physical fitness, scope, training program, scope of examination.

Training and examinations are prepared and implemented in accordance with this WP.
Once the qualification requirements are met, the employer issues a certificate.

If the employer can not fulfill any of the requirements defined, may use the services of Approved Outside Agency. (in accordance with EN4179/NAS410)