Czech NANDTB – Approval Procedure

All members of the Czech NANDTB have the same voting rights. All decisions and approvals shall be signed by three members of the Board. It is not allowed to be signed and approval certificate of the company by the employee or the owner or representative of the respective company.

These persons prepared and created the Quality Manual of the Board, which defines all activities of the Board, and requested approval procedures for the outside agency and for the approval of the employer qualification system too. The Quality Manual and the procedures can be presented by the Secretary of the NANDTB upon relevant request.

The Board elected the Secretary of the Czech NANDTB according to the rules of the Czech NANDTB QM (see Attachment No. 4). The Secretary is responsible for all outside relations and presentations of the Czech NANDTB and for the membership in AFNDTB Forum.

Mr. Zbyněk Zavadil has been elected as the Secretary of the Czech NANDTB. The Secretary is responsible for all negotiations and representing of the Czech NANDTB, especially in AFNDTB. Nevertheless, the Secretary cannot submit/verify any decision without a discussion and a subsequent approval of the whole Czech NANDTB.