Czech NANDTB Interpretations

Czech NANDTB prepares Advisory Interpretation to provide correct understanding of the applicable regulations/procedures/standards used for NDT Qualification and Certification systems and their operation and implementation in the Czech Republic.
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Interpretation documents in the table are published in their original wording and language, relevant to the given revision of standard.
Date Subject CS EN RU
Oct 2022 Annual Proficiency Review   download EN document  
Dec 2022 Auditor Qualification   download EN document  
Jun 2023 On-The-Job Training   download EN document  
Mar 2016 Other Methods download CS document    
Apr 2016 Czech CAA paragraph AMC.145.A.30 e) – directive (ES) 1321/2014 download CS document   download RU document
May 2016 Demonstration of 6-24 Months Experience download CS document   download RU document
Nov 2022 NDT Level 3 Credit Activity   download EN document  
May 2020 Additional NDT PT Qualification EN4179 for B1 and B3 Personnel   download EN document