Czech NANDTB Examiners

List of Approved Examiners | No:LoAE 01/2021

The Czech National NDT Board authorizes by this Letter following examiners to perform qualification examinations according to EN 4179/NAS 410 on behalf of the Czech NANDTB:

  • Vaclav JANDURA
  • Tomas ZAVADIL
  • Miroslav STEFL
  • Andrey KOCHKIN
  • Vitalii PUDOV
  • Petr ZBANEK
  • Jirf CIESLAR
  • Emil PACAN
  • Pavel MARANEK
  • Petr TICHY
  • Zdislav HOSPODKA

1.This authorization is in accordance with the Czech NANDTB procedure No.: NRAS-12-2021.

2.The extent of authorization in individual NDT methods for each examiner is equivalent to his/her valid certifications in acc. to EN 4179/NAS 410 as Level 3.

Date Subject CS EN RU
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